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In-Person Fitness Coaching

Work with Coach Kyle 1-on-1, 2-on-1, or in a small group with functional and strength based training tailored towards your experience level and goals. Nutritional guidance and full nutritional plans included.


Online Fitness Coaching

After an initial phone or Skype consultation Coach Kyle will build you a custom workout program based on your previous experience, goals, limitations, and the equipment you have access to. You will complete the workouts on your own and check in with Kyle over the phone or Skype. Nutritional guidance and full nutritional plans available.


Hybrid Coaching

Are you local but cannot make it into the gym multiple days a week? This may be the plan for you. With a custom workout program for you to complete on your own you will check-in in-person for an hour workout 1x or 2x a month. Nutritional guidance and full nutritional plans available.

Kyle has been my fitness coach since September of 2015.  He really stands out compared to other trainers for quite a few reasons.  He sincerely cares about his clients’ success, he’s educated, he’s professional, he’s passionate about nutrition, and just a nice person.  I wasn’t always completely comfortable with other trainers.  I don’t ever feel self-conscious or embarrassed with Kyle, because of his compassionate and light hearted nature.  I work hard, but we have fun.  Kyle goes the extra mile to answer questions and offer support when I need it.  He cares about my success.  I would not consider another trainer, since I feel I have found the best!

Julie W.

Katie and I have been working with Kyle for almost a half a year now. With our initial plan on getting health we felt working out would be the way to go. While most personal trainers focus on either your endurance, strength or stability, Kyle focuses on all three and more. From setting up monthly workplans, nutrition guides, or fitness training, it provides a well rounded experience. We have been able to see a noticeable difference in the short time we have been working out with Kyle. We would highly recommend Coach Kyle and the Fitt Factory.

Jason & Katie O.

When I first started working out with Kyle I told him my goal was just to feel comfortable stepping in a gym and lifting weights—not only do I know feel comfortable doing deadlifts and bench presses, Kyle pushed me to add weight and I’m so much stronger than i thought possible! Great encourager and coach—thanks so much!!”

Julie E.

It has been fun working with Kyle as my personal trainer. I am definitely more fit than when I first met him about a year ago. I have found him to be very knowledgeable and he has a true passion for fitness. I came to him with some pre-existing injuries and he always remained positive and provided modifiers so that the injuries did not hold me back. Kyle really takes a holistic approach to fitness by stressing the importance of diet, posture, balance, flexibility, and strength. Kyle is also a cool and kind person who genuinely cares about his clients’ fitness goals.  I would recommend Kyle as a personal trainer without reservation

Len S.

Before I started the 3-month workout with Kyle I was a little skeptical about the decision. The main reason why I chose to get a trainer was to maximize my horizon of workouts and make sure my form is correct with every workout. With that said, Kyle went above and beyond to help me with everything I needed. He was very lenient when it came to scheduling sessions or even rescheduling if anything happened to come up. I worked on my bench once again, and after he showed me a new technique in benching and showing me how to utilize every muscle to increase strength, my max bench is up to 180 lbs. I wasn’t just receiving tips for the gym, I was also given dietary guidelines to help cut weight without hurting the gain from the gym.

Brendan F.

About Coach Kyle

Coach Kyle is passionate about showing his clients how to take control of their bodies and shape them how they fit through practical exercise execution and goal orientated nutrition. The foundation of his program is through strength training, core stability, posture correction, breathing techniques, and muscle building. Through these faucets of training the body will become stronger, more stable, better conditioned, and primed to burn off fat for fuel and build a lean solid physique. This journey is challenging and you will have to step out of your comfort zone in order to reach your desired body image. Don’t walk this journey alone; welcome to your guided fitness journey.

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