Coach Kyle’s Personalized Online Training

A training and nutrition program built specifically for you; no cookie-cutter BS here.  It is time and cost effective for those with an unstable busy schedule and those looking to make an investment in their health without paying an hourly rate for an in-person coach.

Your Program is Built Just For YOU

Everyone comes from a different background and experience level and needs a different approach.  Everybody’s body is built differently and what works for you may not necessarily work for the next guy or girl.

Your program is built with YOU in mind based on YOUR credentials, YOUR body type, and YOUR goal.

I will work with you to build a plan that makes sense for your schedule and your experience level e.g., if you are brand new to exercising I’m not going to have you working out 6 days a week, it just wouldn’t make sense for you.

I will build you a nutritional plan with foods that YOU like and you can still enjoy a night out to dinner/drinks with friends or loved ones on occasion.

I will give you regressions or progressions of an exercise based on your skill and experience level.  If you have an injury or weaker body part I will work around that to find something appropriate for you.

I will give you exercises that make sense for you.  I won’t have you doing a power clean before you learn how to deadlift.

How it Works:

After we have a phone or Skype consultation I will build your training program.

I will lay out exactly what exercises I want you doing, when to do them, the number of sets, reps, and rest period, and instruct you on how to find a weight that is appropriate for you for each exercise.

Your plan is built to progress as you progress.

Since this is a month-to-month based plan, your program will be updated monthly.

Some exercises will build off of each other.

For example, the first month I may start you off with some core stabilization training first to build a strong foundation before we get into any advanced lifting.  I will build upon this into the second month and I may add in a kettlebell squat.  The 3rd month may be the appropriate time to through in a standard barbell deadlift and in another month or two I may through in another variation of the deadlift such as the Romanian Deadlift.  I would not throw in a traditional deadlift day one if we haven’t built a solid foundation first.  This is one reason why plans progress each month.  Another reason is progressive overload; I will design a program for you that is meant to progress each month so you don’t get stale.

Whether you want bi-weekly or monthly check-ins, we will assess your progress over phone or Skype to see how you are doing, what needs change, what needs to be progressed or regressed, and you will be able to give me feedback on how everything is going.

You will submit progress photos and measurements that I will analyze each month before we check-in.

You will have unlimited access to me through e-mail and text.

This Program is For:

-Those that are ready to make a serious positive change in their life through health and fitness.

-Those that are willing to make a commitment to put in the WORK and FOCUS needed to obtain their desired goal.

-Those that are sick and tired of where they are at and want the professional guidance and support to help them achieve the body that they strive for.

-Those that can stay CONSISTENT and follow the plan built for them.

This Program is NOT For:

-Those that want to take a “magical pill” in hopes that it will bring them to their desired body.

-Those that wish to sit on the couch all day every day watching Breaking Bad reruns while eating popcorn and cupcakes.
*But an episode every now and again should be fine; it was a great show 😉

-Those that expect everything to work out perfectly with no work, no pain, and no sacrifice while seeing dramatic changes after only a week.

The Ball is Now in Your Court.

If this entices you then take some action.  There’s never going to be a perfect time in your life to get started.  Have you ever found yourself not busy with too much money you knew what to do with?  We always have a million things going on.  Don’t make the same mistake I’ve made in the past…  Don’t wait until you know everything you need to know and are at the perfect time to TAKE ACTION.  Take action now and learn as you go.  I have various coaching programs available ranging from $99-199/month.  Fill out the form below and we will be in contact soon to find the best program for you.

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